About Charissa

About Charissa

Author-Charissa-TinsleyThe multi-talented and versatile Ms. Charissa Tinsley is a successful entrepreneur based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  After earning her Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing from Philadelphia University, Charissa signed on with VoltDelta Resources LLC. coordinating marketing campaigns for their subsidiaries, VoltDelta OnDemand and LSSIData. For eight years Charissa utilized her creativity and eye for detail as the company’s in-house graphic designer. During that time, her main priorities were overhauling corporate branding, producing product logos, RFP covers, tradeshow displays, brochures, product presentations, and website design.

The desire to create has always driven Charissa and it intensified while working at VoltDelta. In 2004 she founded Justian Designs, a full service graphic design company specializing in branding, logo, business card, and flyer design services.

After a strong tenure producing top-tier work for someone else, Charissa finally embraced the desire she had held for so long to branch out on her own, and start building her brand. Upon leaving VoltDelta, she founded Justian Travels. A true romantic at heart, Charissa wanted to run a company that’s main goal is to help couples to get closer, or to rekindle the spark that ignited their passion in the first place.  Justian Travels specializes in romance travel destinations for occasions such as destination weddings and vow renewals, honeymoons, couples getaways and retreats. She also created the blog Traveling Romantic to provide travel and romance tips.

Charissa felt empowered and energized by the joy that she was bringing to her clients. She was connecting them to their dream vacations, and by doing so, strengthening their relationships. Charissa wanted to take helping people to the next level, so she made the decision to start a life coaching practice. As a heart centered Transformational Coach she focuses on helping people become emotionally whole and better versions of their present selves through forgiveness and mindset change.

Along with her art and budding coaching practice, from somewhere deep inside the well of creativity she draws from, another need grew and became impossible to ignore. In August of 2014, Charissa co-founded Chardan Media Publishing with her most trusted partner, her mother, Dorothy Tinsley. Shortly after, she published her first children’s book, “Bobby the Bobolink Helps to Rescue His Proud Friend: The First Book in the Shared Values Collection.”  She has a number of other books in the chute and her next book, “Romantic Getaways: How to Keep the Spark Alive,” is slated for release September 2017. After that release she has her second children’s book in the “Shared Values Collection,” and a non-fiction book about women and love ready to hit the shelves.

A multi-faceted and driven businesswoman, Charissa uses her intellect, art, creativity and passion to produce a wide array of quality services and products for her clients.

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